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Azul  Add To Cart

Friends  Add to Cart
Fuerte Add to Cart
The Most Evolved  Add to Cart
No Pretense  Add to Cart
Pursuit Of The Cygnus Thief  Add to Cart
Revolution  Add to Cart
Sentinel  Add to Cart
Signal Urchin Rostrum  Add to Cart
To Live  Add to Cart
Un Tren  Add to Cart
With Love  Add to Cart

Cover Arrangements

Every Breath You Take  Add to Cart
Spanish Romance 
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Malaguena  Add to Cart
Jerusalem of Gold  Add to Cart
O’ Carolan’s Concerto  Add to Cart


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13 thoughts on “Guitar Lessons & Sheet Music and TABS”

  1. Hi John,

    I love your tracks, just started learning guitar 3 weeks ago and just stumbled across your music. I love ‘most evolved’ and also ‘no pretense’. I know that ‘most evolved’ is on your cd but would it be possible to buy a high quality version of ‘no pretense’? i’ve only seen the youtube vid and would love to have an original copy of that song!

    All the best

    London, United kIngdom

  2. Hey John !

    first of all, you made the best song ever in this world “With Love” i listen to this song everyday 10 mil times !
    its is soooooooo good ! everone loves it ! i would be so happy if you would bring some tabs for it out, il be waiting for it suchhhhhhhhh a long time PLS!!!!!!!!
    i would buy it immediately !
    Greeting your biggest fan, Souren.

  3. Hey John amazing playing there,…you inspire me a lot and I so far learn 4 of your songs.
    But a big wish here from Denmark is:”with love” can it be possible to buy the tabs for it,? it is so beautyful and it would be a honor to learn it.

    thanks from Jimmy Denmark

    keep up that good work!!

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks a million for learning my songs! I really hope you enjoy playing them as much as I do.
      I am working on the transcription for “With Love.” I am about half way done with it,
      but it might not be out for a couple months. I am currently working full throttle on my next record.



      1. Hi John!
        Thanks for respons, of my request, I will look forward to the day it will be possible to buy it,…one more request is tabs for Mosaic For Shadows,.. I will love to play that too,..and I have a last request,.. and it is that: will you comment my playng when I be able to put my video on youtube and maybe send it to you?,.. is that posible? and if,… then how is the best way to do it?..:)
        I hope this was not to many questions,…

        Have a nice day

        happy greetings from Denmark

  4. hi i am from india,well john sir ur music has touched my soul and u wud understand it if i told u that i bought a spanish guitar after i eaw ur videos,ur music is from ur soul,i can feel it sir,just a request if u cud post the music sheet for the “hotel california” by eagles,that wud be very kind of u sir.

    1. Hey Brad,

      Thanks for the request! I’m glad you like that song. But I got so much stuff on my plate right now…I don’t think I will be getting around to transcribing “This Moment” anytime soon… Really sorry!!

    1. Hi Pat,

      The pdf. file includes standard TAB written below the regular music notation. So, you don’t need to know how to read music. Here is a link to a sample of what you would see:

      This product also includes a guitar pro file that lets you hear and see the music AND tab at any tempo you want. Great for practicing.

      Thanks for the question!

      John H. Clarke

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