Hi Friends,
My Name is John Clarke, I built this website in case anyone wanted to learn guitar in the style that I play, which is a mix of finger-style, classical, and Spanish techniques.   I made a bunch of video tutorials for beginners, and intermediate players that deal with basic practice techniques and fret board knowledge.  I also include step by step video tutorials for my original compositions.  Tabs and standard Notations also Available for  download when you subscribe.

My guitar students are my highest priority.  If you have any questions about this website please don’t hesitate to ask.  There is a contact form on this website that you can use contact me.

Feel free to browse around the website.  There are also many free lessons that you can check out without having to sign up.  But you can access a lot by subscribing to monthly access.

I’ve Included all currently available tabs and standard notation to my original compositions as pdf downloads.  There is an  n depth song tutorial videos for my original songs  THE MOST EVOLVED.  There is a 12 unit beginner course for Spanish / classical finger style technique. There are over 20 play along backing tracks that you can practice with.  These backing tracks are the same ones produced in my studio and use fore live solo performances.  There are also  intermediate and advanced tutorials helping you master the guitar and fret board.  Please join me and thousands around the world on this journey of learning and playing guitar.  I charge a low monthly price so that anyone can learn.   See you in classroom.

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Perfect for Beginners & Intermediate players to the classical / spanish guitar style!!

  • Chords #008: How To Play an F Major Bar Chord
  • Strumming #005: D-DUHUDU With FMaj and C7
  • Scales #008: Plotting The Natural Notes in Open Position on Paper
  • Picado #006: i-m-i & m-i-m on E and B strings
  • Chords #006: Aminor Open Position
  • Chords #008: Aminor & E7 switching
  • Arpeggio: p-i-m-a + Alternating Bass with C & G7
  • Strumming #006: DUHU with Amin & E7
  • Finger Independence: 1-2-3-4 from 5th-position-all-strings
  • Arpeggio #007: p-i-m-a-m-i
  • Arpeggio #008: p-i-m-a-m-i with Amin & E7
  • Finger Independence #001: 1-2-3-4 Off-On on the 1st String
  • Strumming #003: The DUHU Pattern
  • Strumming #001: The DDDD, UUUU, & DUDU Patterns
  • Strumming #002 : DDDD & DUDU Patterns
  • Chords #002: C Major in Open Position
  • Chords #004 C Major and D Minor in Open Position
  • Tremolo #001: An Introduction
  • Basics #007: TM40 Metronome Overview
  • Basics #006: What Is TAB?
  • Finger Independence #002: On-Off All Strings
  • Chords #005: C & G7 switching
  • Chords #007: E7 Open Position
  • Picado #002: I-M on the First String with metronome
  • Integration #001: Picado, Arpeggio, & Strumming
  • Basics #002: The Parts of the Guitar
  • Basics #003: The Names of the Strings
  • Strumming #004: The Hit-2-3 Pattern (from the song “To Live”)
  • Arpeggio #002: The P-I-M-I Picking Pattern
  • Picado #003: 1st and 2nd Strings
  • Arpeggio #006: P-I-M-I with Easy Chords C, Dm, G7, G
  • Arpeggio #004: P-I-M-A Exercise on Open Strings
  • Song: “Amazing Grace” – Easy
  • Scales #006: Natural Notes in Open Position On All 6 Strings
  • Basics #006: Choosing a Classical or Spanish Guitar
  • Arpeggio #003: P-I-M-I with Easy Chords C-G-G7
  • Chords #001: Easy C, G, & G7
  • Picado #004: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Strings
  • Basics #005: Finger Placement
  • Picado #005: Using The Thumb
  • Finger Independence #003: chromatic @ 5th fret – all strings
  • Arpeggio #005: P-I-M-A with C and G7
  • Scales #007: Open Position Notes Practice
  • Integration #002: p-i-m-a + DUHU With Am-Dm-E7
  • Arpeggio #001: The P-I-M-A picking pattern
  • Scales #001: Natural Notes in Open Position on the First String
  • Basics #004: String Memorization Exercise
  • Arpeggio #010: p-i-m-a-m-i + Alternating Bass with Amin & E7
  • Picado #001: Intro to Picado
  • Song #001: How to Play “Estrellita” (Twinkle Star)
  • Chords #003: G7 in Open Position
  • Scales #002: Natural Notes in Open Position on the First 2 Strings
  • Arpeggio #009: “The Most Evolved” Pattern
  • How to Play The Most Evolved
  • How to Play “Fuerte”
  • Tremolo
  • Triplet Strumming
  • How to play Tempestad
  • More!

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  • Aguila Cosmica
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Azul
  • Fuerte
  • No Pretense
  • Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief
  • Revolution
  • Signal Urchin Rostrum
  • Sentinel
  • To Live
  • The Most Evolved
  • A Walk to The Lake
  • Un Tren
  • With Love
  • More!

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