21 Replies to “Official The Most Evolved Sheet Music TABS & Standard Notation”

  1. I Do not handle credit cards. How do I buy your lessons and CD. Please let me know how can I get those wonderful tabs, lessons and CD you have created. I Wrote my left wrist some time ago and thanks to your music and lessons by internet I am back again in the world of the guitar. When the pupil is ready the master shows up. God sent you to my world through your music and I am going to follow living this wonderful life. God Bless you again and I am anxiously hoping your news. I am from Mèxico specifically in Guadalajara,Jalisco.

  2. I can do most of this song, but the barre choords and the final is to hard for me mate :/
    Could you post a vid, showing how to play these parts? pleeeeeease? ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing, John. Even tho the most of us are amatheurs, we are looking up to you. I’ve always been finding the latin guitar amazing, but you made me open my eyes for it – after a year as a guitar student, you made me wish that I started years ago! Keep up the good work, you are a great inspiration!

  4. Thanks for this. This song is amazing. I’ve only been playing for a few days but I think im getting good fast. I’m going to save this on my comp untll i can play it :D

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