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  1. Hi John,
    I am not very good at improvisation and since your music is why I signed up on your website, could you give us the introduction to Cosmic, please?

    1. Hello my friend!

      I am very sorry, Guitar Pro files are no longer offered due to copyright violations in the past. But there is both tab and standard notation pdfs that you can download. All the Best!

      1. uaaaaahhh…I like this song soo much and it’s sooo (tooo) difficult to learn this song by tabs :-(((
        can’t you put it into tuxguitar file? This is free and I think no copyright problems….

    1. I keep nails pretty short–just beyond the flesh of the finger. It is important to keep them smooth and rounded so that they never snag on the strings. This can be done using diamond nail file, and then at least 600 grit sand to finish.

  2. My wife and I saw and heard you in Palo Alto a couple of weeks ago – loved it. We picked up two of your CD’s and have played “Friends” every days during my commute to-and-from work, including weekends. Beginning to venture to the full CD set and continue not to be disappointed – we are hooked! I play the guitar for some time and the past 3-years focusing on Classical, your online classes are easy to follow – your instruction is detailed to the topic presented. Thank you and will follow you endlessly, MSP

  3. Hi John, feel a bit stupid but… I’ve been trying to teach myself to play the guitar a little bit over the last year. I’m having to play on a half size guitar because I’m in a wheelchair and with the other sizes the wheel gets in the way of the body of the guitar. What I want to know is – am I a complete moron to want to learn to play on a half size guitar? I think it’s for an 8year old. I’m fifty one. I think you know what I’m talking about….

    1. Don’t feel bad. Do what ever works for you. You can learn on a half size guitar as long as it is descent guitar that holds its tuning and is made well. The hard part is how close the strings are together. You can also try 3/4 size guitar. You could probably even use a full size guitar in a wheel chair if you angle it properly. It is worth a try!

  4. Hi, John,

    I have subscribed to your website for several month, and the sheets and tabs help me a lot as a self-study guitar beginner. However, I always have problem playing to video lessons you put on Vimeo(there is some problem accessing Vimeo from China). So can you put the videos on some other websites(YouTube is OK for most Chinese user with a VPN). Actually I have some web programming knowledge and I’m really willing to help. Your music is popular among a lot of guitar hobbyists in China.

  5. Hi John,
    Have You Got A Faster Version So That We Could Know The Playing Speed That We Have To Use It While Playing ??
    Thank You For This Wonderful Version

  6. Hi John,

    I thank you for your efforts and good interest to share these tabs, and I love your website. Please let me know in which categories can these Tabs be learnt as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced?

  7. Hi John :) These tabs are sensational and are really helping me improve. I hope to play on the street and play some classical/spanish guitar music like you in a couple of months time. Thanks to you I can play better now.


  8. Hi John,

    Thanks so much for putting up this tutorial! very helpful!

    Any chance you can publish the notation for the Intro to Un Tren?


  9. I can’t read guitar tabs, and I don’t need the sheet music, I have no instrument; but I would like to know the timing and accents, so maybe I do need to see the sheet music, or you could simply tell me. I think most of your compositions are in 3/4 time, but some I feel are 4/4 and/or change within the composition. This is only to help me with compas, my dancing. I do thank you and appreciate that you have allowed me to use your compositions for dance. Thank you so much, John.

  10. Hi Friends,

    Some of you have written to me to ask about the intro to Aguila Cosmica.

    The intro to this song is not included in the sheet music transcription.
    Here is the reason why: many of my song intro’s are improvised – i do them differently each time. So I don’t write them down.

    I encourage you to make up your own intros for Aguila Cosmica. Please check out my tutorial on this website and learn the c major scale. Once you know the scale well you can start making up your own melodies. The C major scale is the first scale I teach. It is also the one used in Aguila Cosmica. Good Luck! -John

    1. While I do appreciate improvisation, the intro you did in the video version of aguila cosmica on this page speaks to me. Since you have a video of your performance in this version, it would be greatly appreciated if you could create a tableture of this versions intro. I think many of your members would agree this version is the one they would like to learn and play and probably why they signed up for membership in the first place.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Greetings! I recommend following the week by week lessons first before working on songs. the timeline is just a suggestion so take as much time as you need to go through them. Cheers! -John

  11. I started learning this years ago as one of my first-
    I needed to get this going again and i find it still moves me to learn the rest of this awesome music.
    Thanks John- Maestro-

  12. Hi! I’ve been slowly walking through your lessons and just want to make one comment regarding picking. I find that rather then alternating my fingers I sometimes will jump to the next string…bad habit is what I’m guessing it is. I just want others to be aware of the small misstep….I watch your videos like a hawk and never see you do it! Walk those fingers!!!

      1. Hi John,

        In fact, the tablature uses a different way to play some note compared to your video (then it is more difficult to learn with your video as model)

        For example, 96th to the 100th measure , this is very different (and harder).

        As same for the last measure.

        The 43rd, 47th and 49th is more complicated in the tab vs. in your video.

        And to finish, I think the last note of the 24th measure should be a 6 instead of 7 on the G string.

        Thank you John,

        1. Hi DamienMocaer,

          Thanks for going through and pointing out those differences. The sheet music is actually a transcription of the album version and should more accurately be reflected there. To explain the differences: improvisation a big part of my playing style and often I play things a little differently than what is written in certain improvised section of the music. I also encourage improvisation! Cheers! -John

  13. Hi John this website has really helped for me to improve my guitar music.
    Are you going to post a tab for the song ‘intangible’ it is by far my most favourite piece of music.
    But anyways I thank you so much for this website and I hope you compose some more brilliant songs!

  14. Hi John,

    I am considering signing up for lessons. In your tutorials of the songs do you break the lessons down in sections and go over the finger placement of each measure? I am sort of a beginner and have trouble seeing how you change fingers of the left hand. I love your playing and hope to aspire to a least a level to play for family and friends but most to just enjoy myself on the guitar.

  15. Hi John, I’ve been a fan of you for a while now and newly subscribed for full membership. Let me tell you that what you’re doing is amazing. I’ve been waiting for “Intangible” for a really long time now, will you be posting its notation soon please? And can you do a lesson video about different variations and instructions about the rhythm? Thank you!

  16. Hello John, Where can I go to download the cords to Amazing Grace (Easy version in Week 10). I’ve tried several times to follow your lesson in Wk 10 but your moving through the cords just to quick for me to follow or memorize.


  17. John you never stop amazing me with your beyond human guitar skills. This piece is pure beauty, excitement and awe inspiring. I see you and the guitar merging into one fantastic music machine. You are a gift to all of us guitar enthusiast. Keep on keeping on my friend. We love you

  18. Thanks John great tutorial on the triplet! I also saw most of the live broadcast and I hope you will be uploading it for your members!kind regards LEE from dublin ireland can I also say that I think the most evolved is a stunning piece of music which I hope to be able to play

  19. John its Dave magas
    You sight will not let me view weeks 5 to 12 I can log in but will not let me see videos Will not keeps saying must be logged in but shows I’m logged in any way you can help thanks David time 1200 pm 4 /2 /17

  20. The tabs doesn’t match what you’re playing!
    At 14# in the tabs it says 2 2 2 but u’re barring the 2nd fret and pressing something on the 3rd in the video. Im very new to the guitar playing world, so might be wrong somehow.. I just don’t understand it, can someone please help?

    1. Hi thanks for you question. The tabs are correct at measure 14 and may be easier to play. In the video I am likely playing an alternative way to play it. A bar chord with the first finger across the 2nd fret x24242 This is a B7 bar chord.

  21. Hi there,
    Firstly I am a massive fan of your music, and am looking forward to learning as many of your songs as I can!
    I am looking to buy a classical/flamenco guitar, I am by no means a gigging professional, but I want a guitar that will last a very long time as I am only 18 and don’t expect to buy another guitar until my 30s or 40s! My price range is under £500, what would you recommend?

    1. My favorite classical guitars are cedar tops. after you buy it take it to a reputable luthier and get the action set up. Many guitars come out of the factory without a proper setup. This will maximize play-ability. use light gauge strings esp if you are a beginner.

  22. *measure 57,58, 59 are notated beyond the 19 fret of the guitar which is the last fret of a classical guitar. This notation is just an approximation of what I am actually doing. I am pressing my finger onto the string and sliding up past the fret-board to create high pitched muted sound on the first string. I also use this technique on Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief. Thanks to Jai for bring this question up. :)

  23. Hi John

    I’m a great fan of yours, I’ve already learned your “Revolution” and “Malaguena” which are a complete joy to play, I’m currently working on “To Live” and the most beautiful “With Love”

    I was just wondering if you have transcribed “Intangible”; this is one of the most exciting music I’ve ever heard and would love to play it.

    1. The average player probably only needs to change nylon strings every three months. I change my strings when I noticed that they begin to corrode and are harder to tune. New strings take a few days to settle and hold their tune, but once they do they sound great.

  24. Hi John,
    Thank you for explaining this. I have a question.
    What is the difference between the normal tension, hard tension, and extra hard tension strings? and which one do you recommend for a beginner and an intermediate guitar player?
    Thank you!

    1. The tension of the string has to do with how tight they are and how thick they are. So if they are thicker and tighter, for example extra hard tension, the strings are more difficult to press down onto the fretboard. For this reason I recommend beginners use normal tension.

    1. The backing track is a play along track. You play in the background and play the song along with it. I created the baking tracks myself in the studio and I use them for live performances. thanks for your question! best, John

  25. I want to thank you for the two fabullous new guitar solo arrangements; both “Every Breath You Take” and “Moonlight Sonata” are among my most-wanted-to-learn songs. Not only I get to learn how to play the songs, now I can double the fun by playing along with the MP3 accompaniment tracks that you have also created for each of the songs.
    Thanks again for sharing your great wonderful work!

  26. John this is such a fabulous arrangement. I love you’re interpretation and especially that you’ve remained true to you’re style playing it. As an amateur classical guitarist I am always inspired by you. Thank You for sharing this

  27. Oh John I just love this piece, brought it to my guitar teacher today and we started working on it. He loved it too. Any way to get it on Guitar Pro? BTW I’m trying to ignore tab (which is hard because its there) but did you really mean to play the second e in 1st 4 measures on 9th fret? Seems hard to reach for me.

    1. Hi Nica,

      Glad you like this song! Thanks for pointing out the typo on the 9th fret. I’ll try to get that fixed asap. The first 4 measures should simply be an A Major Bar chord on the 5th fret.

      I’ll try to get the guitar pro file uploaded–which would give you the option to hide the tabs. I have the same issue— hard not to look at tab when its there!


  28. Hi John

    I am quite impressed of the way you played this Romace in your Guitar. i can read the music not TAB. Would you have the song written in notations

    Warm Regards

    Van [ from Australia }

  29. Jerusalem of gold what a super little composition john , sound almost medieval, like it could have been written in the 16th century by dowland , fantastic , loved it

  30. love your website john , and the monthly cost is without doubt fantastic value, I am pleased to be aboard and will look forward to learning and playing your compositions,

  31. Hi John,
    Greetings from India. I have been trying to learn flamenco style for so long now. And finally I’ve found this site. Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations. Also, can you perhaps guide me in learning ‘Recuerdo Apasionado’ by the gypsy kings?

  32. There is a mistake or a few after measure 50 and leading up to the percussive hits on measure 65. It doesn’t sound like the original recording.

    1. Hey Frankie,

      I’m so glad your taking on this piece! Like many of my pieces it started out as mostly improvisation. This means that there are different versions out there. The Youtube video was the first version which is different then the CD version. The sheet music should be closest to the CD version from the album string and wood. It may not be exact, and that is ok because the song is basically one really long melody played over just two chords. Anyway I’ll check out those measures and see if any corrections should be made. cheers!

    1. The malaguena transcription uses both the 1st and 6th strings on the guitar so the transcription won’t work so well. But you can take the standard notation and rearrange or transpose with a program like Guitar Pro.

  33. Thanks John, I’m a novice at guitar, extremely busy and don’t really get that much chance to practice. I hope you put these videos up until I get the song – within a year, I hope :)

  34. Once more I reafirm my belief in humanity because like you, there are still persons that give hope sharing their knowledge and efforts to those who have not the opportunity to go to a music school or to have a teacher. God Bless you. Splendid lessons.

  35. I Do not handle credit cards. How do I buy your lessons and CD. Please let me know how can I get those wonderful tabs, lessons and CD you have created. I Wrote my left wrist some time ago and thanks to your music and lessons by internet I am back again in the world of the guitar. When the pupil is ready the master shows up. God sent you to my world through your music and I am going to follow living this wonderful life. God Bless you again and I am anxiously hoping your news. I am from Mèxico specifically in Guadalajara,Jalisco.

  36. Hi John
    The Most Evolved is a wonderful song! I’d like to lear it but i could only find the first tutorial… how can I get the tutorials 2-5?
    Thank you!! You play very good, I admire you so much :D

  37. your music when ewer i listening your music one of them the most ENVOLVED put me endless dream world you are amazing really i would be appreciated if i would have fast rumba i was litening by shaher and malaguena many thank for you you are the greets

  38. Dear John,

    I’m finally glad that I found your website, I swear that you are one of the best guitarist that I was looking to learn from. And your video tutorial is very amazing and clear.

    You don’t know how much this is going to help.



  39. dear mr john…i have been trying to find this website…to said thank you for creating this mixture of guitar music …

    bigest fan …hoping that i can learn your playing style

  40. My God, its 1:30 in the morning here, and i cant get enough of looking and listening to your stuff. i cannot wait for it to be tomorow, so i can learn this beauty. thank you for making such an effort. this will be a song i wont forget.

  41. Hey John,

    I’ve been having troubles getting your tutorial videos for “The Most Evolved”. I sign in but when I go to the song it gives me the first video and then tells me I need to register for the rest even though I’m signed in already. So if you or anyone could help, it would be much appreciated. Perhaps I’m doing something incorrectly. Thank you so much! Your work and teaching methods are amazing!

    1. Hi Marc,

      If your paid membership subscription has expired then you will not be able to see the all the lessons. You just need to sign up again to restart the subscription.


  42. just going through the first few bars of malaguena and the downloaded music file is slightly different to what the music shows on the video,ie bar 2 bar no g# in the one you play, bar 4 the b note is 2nd and the a is third in the piece you play but is reversed in the download so which piece is correct before l go much further with it

  43. just what I wanted,I have been playing a piece called Sevillanas arr.by Fredrick Noad nice easy piece for a beginner would like to see what you do with it can e-mail you the music if you would like to use it

  44. this was my first guitar song that I’ve learned from watching a youtube video and playing by ear but finally will learn the strumming pattern since so far i had to use plectrum to play the same rhythm

  45. Amazing job John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the third video is what i needed to help me figure out the strumming pattern to this song. i can see you took your time in designing these videos for others to understand them. thanks man.
    keep up the good work!!!
    if you can do the same thing for your song TO LIVE that will be great. im at the part where the strumming gets intense hahahha lol

  46. Are you going to put out a break down like you did with “most evolved”. that would be great… I have Most Evolved almost down (although slower than you play).


  47. John,

    I have not hardly touched my guitar in 30 years, but when I heard and saw and heard your playing of this piece I began playing once again with earnest! I most problematic thing for me apart from remembering how to read music, is the fingering of pieces. I do see one tutorial on this,but there seems to be more that I might not have access to.

    The correct fingering can delay the learning of the piece dramatically, because you are always guessing! Then start to doubt your-self!

    Am I missing something or could you add fingering to your sheet music (I know we are lucky to have what we got)? What I mean is using p,m,a and i, if I remember correctly.

    Anyway, you now have my enthusiasm sky-high and I am playing once again,BTW I am 65!

    Thanks for your wonderful music, classical was my style,but always loved the beat of Flamenco.

  48. Yeah, great stuff John, I think the question Lee HO Young is trying to say is that the 2nd half of the strum pattern (beats 4,5 +6), has a different patern that the first three. That second half pattern has a scratch on the down of 4 and a scratch on the “and” of 5. I just do a scratch on 4 then down up with thumb, and a scratch again for the “and” of 5 followed by a down stroke of the thumb, for beat 6.

  49. Hello John, I’ve been working on your lessons for quite a while now. I cannot tell you how happy I am with how they are structured. I love the fact you give us basics with a few chords. We can then take the information and format and apply them to other chords to make us more rounded players. I teach guitar at a school and share your techniques, style and youtube videos with my students. You inspire them greatly. Keep up the super work. I will keep in touch. Take Care. Brian

  50. Hi John,

    Thanks for the tutorials. Really interesting and useful. Any chance you could do the same for Aurora Borealis? Amazing song but the strumming in particular is… challenging…

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  51. Hi John,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful music and all the good works you’ve been putting into helping people like me to learn and enjoy your music, and I admire your talent. This tutorial is one of the best I’ve ever seen, it’s clear and precise, I just love it and want you to know that.

    Warm regards,


  52. Dear John,
    Awesome work on your songs man! I had started learning guitar,
    but as I don’t get much time I can’t learn or practice it. Neither can I attend my
    guitar classes,nor can I play finely! Just checked your song “The Most Evolved”
    on youtube! I just fell in love with your style of playing. You have inspired me back
    to continue learning guitar! I want to be a fine and a fluent guitarist like you!


  53. Dear John,
    I am going to sign up to download Guitar Pro TAB and tutorial of songs: The Most Evolved and Tempested
    But I can not find Tempested (Serrano, Juan) in your Full List of currently available TAB / Sheet Music Titles.
    May I get access to these songs ?
    Best regards,

  54. Still working on basics and getting ready to learn Most Evolved. I noticed that your arrangement of Malaguena is much shorter so will go after Most Evolved first. Common skills on both. New site organization is good. Winter storm here in PA, so practiced in cold dark several times. Dedication :) SpCedar is back up and practicing. Keep up great work John.

  55. Hi John,

    I love you so much. i had watched your all videos. they are amazing!!!! and because you i am learning Flamenco. i have just learned your “the most evoled” from your video. it’s a nice song. and now i am going to learn ” revelution”. but i don’t understand how the right hand working. it’s too fast on the video. can i have a favor that want you make a slow practice video for “revelution” same like “the most evolved” if you do this i will appreciate it. sorry my English not very well. but i am your big fans :)

    Kind Regards


  56. This should be far more active with member student comments and participation. John’s lessons present a great opportunity to learn Spanish guitar correctly. I must say, I have continued on through these lessons, now into arpeggios, without any extra communication with the teacher. The lesson progressions are that well thought out. Even at this early stage, John’s foundation lessons have build meter as well as finger independence. So if this old Marine can do this, with great pleasure, anyone world wide can jump in and tune up. Embarrassed to be the only poster here. SpCedar (Mike)

  57. Just a quick thanks for creating these lessons. Your short, clear and progressive exercises are very effective. I’m in to the second week and some confusion from nine months of hard work on a variety of You Tube lessons, are suddenly cleared up. I’ve memorized a few Spanish phrases and one song using tabs, but starting again at the very beginning under your direction, with metronome, corrects all the poor pacing and interval (clearly picked and spaced notes) problems. Safe to say, I’m aboard for the full voyage John. Keep up the great work. Mike

  58. Hi John,

    It was a pleasure to hear you in that little concert on Fisherman’s Wharf SF. It was just Fantastic. I enjoy every single note that night.

    Your CD’s are great, some red wine on the balcony with my Wife and I just feel the Andalusia Mediterranean Sea Breeze.

    Thank you.
    Luis Belo

  59. Hey John , You are a very good guitarist . I will buy the membership on 24 January maybe because that is my birthday and I will get a debit card because I will be thirteen that day :D
    Good Luck in you future

  60. Hi john,

    you’re awesome, and right after I’m done with this comment i will sign up. I love your music. I was also wondering if you could post sheet music for “mais que nada” it’s not flamenco but it’s worth playing it.

    thanks john.

  61. Hi John,

    I’ve always been a fan of your playing. However, I have a question. Does your lessons include teaching how to read music tabs? And is it necessary for me to learn how to read music to apply for you lessons? Because I never had any classes nor lessons on how to read musical tabs and I always face problems learning songs, I mimic the style instead.


    1. Hi Mohanned,

      Thanks for your message. It is not necessary to read either standard notation or tablature to learn from my online video lessons since I teach from the absolute beginning. I certainly encourage learning how to read music, but it is not necessarily for becoming a better guitarist.

      I wish you the Best!


  62. Hi John,

    Great playing and lessons! How well do you think some of these spanish techniques would go on a Godin nylon string guitar as opposed to just a regular classical guitar?

    thank you,


  63. Hi.
    A friend has just introduced me to your music – beautiful! Is there any way of getting the sheet music for the violin part/parts in Aurora Borealis?
    With thanks

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Good question. I think I might actually have the string parts, somewhere. They were arranged by Minna Choi of the Magic Magic Orchestra. I will try to find them and put them up at my main website JohnClarkeMusic.com. Also, contact me at
      jcgl.us/contact-2/ to remind me in a couple of weeks if I forget! Cheers!


  64. Hi John,

    I would be so happy if you upload the rest of this song. You really know how to teach and i have just learnt this rhythm as my first rhythm.

    Kind regards,

  65. Hi, ive downloaded this twice now because i suspected the first time the payment didnt go through since it was on my phone but now i know it went through on the PC but i cant login. Help would be lovely.

    1. Hi Jerry, Thanks for signing up. Sorry its taken little while longer for account activation with the echeck payment. Hopefully that echeck has gone through and you have gotten your login info email. I wish you the best.

  66. Hi John,
    I brought a guitar lesson about a year ago. I don’t remember for how long the lesson was good for but anyway, I can’t get access to it and when I ask for my pass word, I have no respond from you.
    Please can you verified my log in?



    1. Hi Sylvain,

      Yes you can still access the lessons you paid for. I just checked and your account is still active. I am sorry you weren’t able to log in. I am about to resend your login in details. Keep in mind that certain email providers like Yahoo and Hotmail are sometimes too aggressive with their spam filtering. So please check your spam folder if its not immediately in your inbox. Also for a quicker response to service issues please contact me here:
      I wish you the best.

  67. Hi Ati,

    Thanks for signing up! SpanishGuitarLessons.com and Johnclarkeguitarlessons.com are the same website. I just changed the name permanently to “JohnClarkeGuitarLessons.com.” You will see when you enter the address “spanishguitarlessons.com” it just takes you to “JohnClarkeGutiarLessons.com”

    The beginning guitar lesson series is pretty much the same. Now with the monthly subscription I am including song tutorials and more advanced lessons. So I would say finish going through the beginner lessons and then sign up for the “Full Membership” that offers access to all my sheet music plus advanced tutorials.

    All the Best,

    John H. Clarke

  68. You are wonderful person. After seeing your Youtube vedios (tempested and Most evolved) I brought a Guitar at age 34. Now I need to find time to learn. I will subscribe soon. I brought the one with metal strings. That’s the only one I get in India
    Thanks a lot for making my life more musical

    1. Hi Phil, this certainly isn’t a shake down! I run the site myself. I am sorry you had problems logging in. A problem that people have been having is that Hotmail is filtering out the email containing the login info. Please check your spam for folder and add johnclarkeguitarless.com to your safe list in hotmail to ensure you get emails about your account. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


      John H. Clarke

    1. I do not offer tabs for Tempestad because I am not the original author nor publisher of this song. It is By Juan Serrano from his book “Flamenco: Basic Techniques” I highly recommend getting this book!



  69. Hi John,

    You are a genius! Thank you for your tutorials!
    How did you learned the spanish guitar style?

    Do you take requests? Cancion del mariachi by Los Lobos is a nice spanish song with a cool intro and strumming. But I can’t figure out how to do the strummingpart in this song…

    Any plans to make a tutorial for this song? Would be great!

    Keep up the good work.
    Thumbs up from The Netherlands

    1. Hi Levy,

      Thanks your very much. I’m so glad the tutorials are helpful. Cancion Del mariachi is a fun song! Maybe one day I will do a tutorial on it. But, first I have to finish putting together tutorials for all my own songs!



  70. I love the way you play the guitar. And i’d like to play as you do.
    But i want to ask you to make a public video that explain how to adjust the acoustik guitar strings.
    And thank you anyways :).


  71. Just love to hear you play spanish guitar, would love to learn how to play but not sure how much talent is required to play for a beginner. Is there a sample video lesson I can watch to see if I can understand enough to even learn how to play. You make it look so easy when you play with little effort but I know it takes real talent to do what you do. Thanks for your reply. Gary

    1. Hi Gary! Thanks for stopping by. For a beginner you don’t actually need any unusual talent! What you need is patience with yourself and a regular daily practice routine. Learning music is a lifelong investment in yourself. I have a lot of lessons for beginners so I suggest signing up and see how you like it. You can cancel anytime. Cheers! -John

  72. Hello John,

    I want to just buy the tabs for 1 song, may be a video lesson to go with it. You should offer this type of individual pieces instead of a subscription.


    1. Thanks for your comment. I offer the subscription at a very reasonable rate and you can cancel anytime and still keep the tabs/sheet music you downloaded. I hope you will sign up and learn a lot!

  73. I have no idea about playing method st and 2nd section.For instance,mute sound is appeared 3rd rhythm in first section and 1st and 4th rhythm in second section.I don`t know how to play this one.Please,show me strumming method very slowly to see precisely.
    Thank you so much!!

    1. The strumming pattern though-out the whole song is the same 6 beat pattern. I may make slight variations that are optional. Here is the basic pattern stroke by stroke.

      1. Down with nail side of fingers
      2. Up with first finger
      3. Down with first finger
      4. Down with curved fingers and palm lightly touching the strings
      5. Down with the thumb
      6. Up with thumb

      It really helps to count out loud each stroke as you play.
      Since this traditional Latin American rhythm can be felt in either 3/4 or 6/8 time , it is helpful to practice counting both ways.

      For 3/4 time count like this: “1 – & – 2 – & – 3 – &”

      For 6/8 time count like this: “1 – & – uh – 2 – & – uh”

      Notice that the accented beats shift depending on whether you feel the the pattern in 3/4 or 6/8.

  74. Your music captivated me with fascinating rhythm.By the way,I have a question about this music.
    There are some pattern of strumming guitar on your Fuerte sheet.But you explained only one kind of method precisely.So I have no idea how to practice another strumming way.Please,teach me another method also very slowly.
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    1. Hi Carolann,

      Thanks for your comment. All my transcriptions include standard notation. Video lesson will refresh you on technique. Great that your starting up the guitar again!


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    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks a million for learning my songs! I really hope you enjoy playing them as much as I do.
      I am working on the transcription for “With Love.” I am about half way done with it,
      but it might not be out for a couple months. I am currently working full throttle on my next record.



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    1. Hey Brad,

      Thanks for the request! I’m glad you like that song. But I got so much stuff on my plate right now…I don’t think I will be getting around to transcribing “This Moment” anytime soon… Really sorry!!

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    Often wondered what the best position of the guitar is in relation to the body. Should the neck of the guitar be pointing away from your body or should the guitar be more or less at a 90degree angle with your body?


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      The pdf. file includes standard TAB written below the regular music notation. So, you don’t need to know how to read music.
      This product also includes a guitar pro file that lets you hear and see the music AND tab at any tempo you want. Great for practicing.

      Thanks for the question!

      John H. Clarke

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    Also, the sequence of movements that you have listed underneath the video don’t match the strumming pattern of the video. Which of your songs use this listed pattern?


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