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  1. The tabs doesn’t match what you’re playing!
    At 14# in the tabs it says 2 2 2 but u’re barring the 2nd fret and pressing something on the 3rd in the video. Im very new to the guitar playing world, so might be wrong somehow.. I just don’t understand it, can someone please help?

    1. Hi thanks for you question. The tabs are correct at measure 14 and may be easier to play. In the video I am likely playing an alternative way to play it. A bar chord with the first finger across the 2nd fret x24242 This is a B7 bar chord.

  2. This is one of my most favorite songs. I learned it a few years back but forgot how to play it. Thanks so much for the tabs and the video, now I can get back into it. You play beautifully and inspire me to play more. Good job and keep rocking :)

  3. The romance pdf file does not include the tab: it’s only standard notation. Can you please add the tab?

    As well, would you please ahh the chords bridge between the two parts that you play on the video, as this is the most interesting part?

    Thanks a lot.


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