Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief

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Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief Sheet Music TABS

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Performance of Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief:

*Please note: Video is for general reference and may not reflect the the sheet music note for note.  I often take liberties and improvise sections during a performance.

2 Replies to “Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief”

  1. Dear Clarke,
    I just tried to buy the sheet music of “Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief”; so I logged in (I’m a member) and downloaded the notation; however, I don’t know how to pay? Is this a software problem on your side? The fact I can get the music for free? I tried to pay with my credit card (VISA), but that is only possible for US citizens. In case you intented to give this music for free, please, pretend I never send this message. Anyway (free, or not free), thanks! I love your music!
    Regards, Bart.

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