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      1. Hi John im not sure if you have resolved this issue I know you have your video tutorials with privacy set but this is not very private and easily bypassed Im a C, C++ programmer and love your music and have subscribe to your site as well, it was your song “with love” that got my attention I would suggest instead of using Vimeo to host your video why not just put a RTSP streaming server on your web server you members can then simply use VLC media player to stream the videos directly you can also username and password protect each video file VLC will ask for the username and password which you can supply to your members you can also change it at will and put it in the RTSP video link VLC is also free. By using a RTSP server you can use HD video clips and encode then using H265 codec very small files easy to stream and produce and I would expect you would have no problem with governments blocking your great work for others to learn. I use RTSP servers and RTSP clients for the security industry and have create my own server software and client software it dosn’t matter if your server is a unix or windows server the code can be compiled for both hope this helps

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