Picado Dynamics on First String

This is a simple introduction to dynamics–the rise and fall of volume in music. Dynamics is an under-discussed quality of music in my opinion. We perceive dynamics but we don’t always know it. We are not always conscious of dynamics even though it affects how we feel and respond to music. Dynamics can imbue our playing with emotion and intensity.

In this lesson I introduce the concept of dynamics by taking you through a very simple exercise. We are going to use the picado picking technique on the open E string . As you play the i and m fingers in succession on the open e string, I want you to gradually vary volume up and down. To do this your fingers will have to slowly decrease and increase the intensity of their striking of the string. This is not an immediately easy thing to do. Like all things, it takes practice over time to do something well. When you master control of your guitar dynamics you will add excitement, energy and emotion to the music you play. practice dynamics with not only with picado, but also with arpeggios, chords, strumming patterns, etc.

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