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  1. John you never stop amazing me with your beyond human guitar skills. This piece is pure beauty, excitement and awe inspiring. I see you and the guitar merging into one fantastic music machine. You are a gift to all of us guitar enthusiast. Keep on keeping on my friend. We love you

  2. Oh John I just love this piece, brought it to my guitar teacher today and we started working on it. He loved it too. Any way to get it on Guitar Pro? BTW I’m trying to ignore tab (which is hard because its there) but did you really mean to play the second e in 1st 4 measures on 9th fret? Seems hard to reach for me.

    1. Hi Nica,

      Glad you like this song! Thanks for pointing out the typo on the 9th fret. I’ll try to get that fixed asap. The first 4 measures should simply be an A Major Bar chord on the 5th fret.

      I’ll try to get the guitar pro file uploaded–which would give you the option to hide the tabs. I have the same issue— hard not to look at tab when its there!


  3. There is a mistake or a few after measure 50 and leading up to the percussive hits on measure 65. It doesn’t sound like the original recording.

    1. Hey Frankie,

      I’m so glad your taking on this piece! Like many of my pieces it started out as mostly improvisation. This means that there are different versions out there. The Youtube video was the first version which is different then the CD version. The sheet music should be closest to the CD version from the album string and wood. It may not be exact, and that is ok because the song is basically one really long melody played over just two chords. Anyway I’ll check out those measures and see if any corrections should be made. cheers!

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