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  1. Thanks John, I’m a novice at guitar, extremely busy and don’t really get that much chance to practice. I hope you put these videos up until I get the song – within a year, I hope :)

  2. Once more I reafirm my belief in humanity because like you, there are still persons that give hope sharing their knowledge and efforts to those who have not the opportunity to go to a music school or to have a teacher. God Bless you. Splendid lessons.

  3. Hi John
    The Most Evolved is a wonderful song! I’d like to lear it but i could only find the first tutorial… how can I get the tutorials 2-5?
    Thank you!! You play very good, I admire you so much :D

  4. Dear John,

    I’m finally glad that I found your website, I swear that you are one of the best guitarist that I was looking to learn from. And your video tutorial is very amazing and clear.

    You don’t know how much this is going to help.



  5. dear mr john…i have been trying to find this website…to said thank you for creating this mixture of guitar music …

    bigest fan …hoping that i can learn your playing style

  6. Hey John,

    I’ve been having troubles getting your tutorial videos for “The Most Evolved”. I sign in but when I go to the song it gives me the first video and then tells me I need to register for the rest even though I’m signed in already. So if you or anyone could help, it would be much appreciated. Perhaps I’m doing something incorrectly. Thank you so much! Your work and teaching methods are amazing!

    1. Hi Marc,

      If your paid membership subscription has expired then you will not be able to see the all the lessons. You just need to sign up again to restart the subscription.


  7. Amazing job John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the third video is what i needed to help me figure out the strumming pattern to this song. i can see you took your time in designing these videos for others to understand them. thanks man.
    keep up the good work!!!
    if you can do the same thing for your song TO LIVE that will be great. im at the part where the strumming gets intense hahahha lol

  8. Hi John,

    Thanks for the tutorials. Really interesting and useful. Any chance you could do the same for Aurora Borealis? Amazing song but the strumming in particular is… challenging…

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  9. Still working on basics and getting ready to learn Most Evolved. I noticed that your arrangement of Malaguena is much shorter so will go after Most Evolved first. Common skills on both. New site organization is good. Winter storm here in PA, so practiced in cold dark several times. Dedication :) SpCedar is back up and practicing. Keep up great work John.

  10. Hi John,

    You are a genius! Thank you for your tutorials!
    How did you learned the spanish guitar style?

    Do you take requests? Cancion del mariachi by Los Lobos is a nice spanish song with a cool intro and strumming. But I can’t figure out how to do the strummingpart in this song…

    Any plans to make a tutorial for this song? Would be great!

    Keep up the good work.
    Thumbs up from The Netherlands

    1. Hi Levy,

      Thanks your very much. I’m so glad the tutorials are helpful. Cancion Del mariachi is a fun song! Maybe one day I will do a tutorial on it. But, first I have to finish putting together tutorials for all my own songs!



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