How to Play: The Most Evolved Part 1

Thanks so much for your interest in learning my song.

I have created a series of videos to help you learn this song. There are  5 videos covering the details of the song, in addition to  a slow tempo performance that you can play along with.

My goal is to help you learn The Most Evolved to the best of your ability. The skills you will learn will transfer over to many other areas of your guitar playing and make you that much better of a player.

This first video gives an overview to the fundamental guitar playing techniques used in the song The Most Evolved. We also take a detailed look at the introductory section of the song.

How to play The Most Evolved Part 2, 3, 4, 5


3 Replies to “How to Play: The Most Evolved Part 1”

  1. Hello my first time to try this and my feedback about this vid is that even u say u show it slowly I had no idea what s going in your finger so I really dont feel I’m learning g sth here

  2. I started learning this years ago as one of my first-
    I needed to get this going again and i find it still moves me to learn the rest of this awesome music.
    Thanks John- Maestro-

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