9 Replies to “How to play Malaguena – Easy – Extended Version”

  1. Hi John,
    Have You Got A Faster Version So That We Could Know The Playing Speed That We Have To Use It While Playing ??
    Thank You For This Wonderful Version

  2. Hi John,

    I am considering signing up for lessons. In your tutorials of the songs do you break the lessons down in sections and go over the finger placement of each measure? I am sort of a beginner and have trouble seeing how you change fingers of the left hand. I love your playing and hope to aspire to a least a level to play for family and friends but most to just enjoy myself on the guitar.

  3. just going through the first few bars of malaguena and the downloaded music file is slightly different to what the music shows on the video,ie bar 2 bar no g# in the one you play, bar 4 the b note is 2nd and the a is third in the piece you play but is reversed in the download so which piece is correct before l go much further with it

  4. just what I wanted,I have been playing a piece called Sevillanas arr.by Fredrick Noad nice easy piece for a beginner would like to see what you do with it can e-mail you the music if you would like to use it

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