9 Replies to “How to play: Tempested (Juan Serrano)”

  1. My God, its 1:30 in the morning here, and i cant get enough of looking and listening to your stuff. i cannot wait for it to be tomorow, so i can learn this beauty. thank you for making such an effort. this will be a song i wont forget.

    1. Hi, I just signed up last week and I’m feeling positive about learning this way.
      I’ve managed to blag my way through Tempestad and I’m slowing it down now to try to be accurate.
      Thanks for the tutorials, they are great for getting into a song quickly.
      I look forward to learning more of your songs.

  2. Hi John,

    I would be so happy if you upload the rest of this song. You really know how to teach and i have just learnt this rhythm as my first rhythm.

    Kind regards,

    1. I do not offer tabs for Tempestad because I am not the original author nor publisher of this song. It is By Juan Serrano from his book “Flamenco: Basic Techniques” I highly recommend getting this book!



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