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  1. Yeah, great stuff John, I think the question Lee HO Young is trying to say is that the 2nd half of the strum pattern (beats 4,5 +6), has a different patern that the first three. That second half pattern has a scratch on the down of 4 and a scratch on the “and” of 5. I just do a scratch on 4 then down up with thumb, and a scratch again for the “and” of 5 followed by a down stroke of the thumb, for beat 6.

  2. I have no idea about playing method st and 2nd section.For instance,mute sound is appeared 3rd rhythm in first section and 1st and 4th rhythm in second section.I don`t know how to play this one.Please,show me strumming method very slowly to see precisely.
    Thank you so much!!

    1. The strumming pattern though-out the whole song is the same 6 beat pattern. I may make slight variations that are optional. Here is the basic pattern stroke by stroke.

      1. Down with nail side of fingers
      2. Up with first finger
      3. Down with first finger
      4. Down with curved fingers and palm lightly touching the strings
      5. Down with the thumb
      6. Up with thumb

      It really helps to count out loud each stroke as you play.
      Since this traditional Latin American rhythm can be felt in either 3/4 or 6/8 time , it is helpful to practice counting both ways.

      For 3/4 time count like this: “1 – & – 2 – & – 3 – &”

      For 6/8 time count like this: “1 – & – uh – 2 – & – uh”

      Notice that the accented beats shift depending on whether you feel the the pattern in 3/4 or 6/8.

  3. Your music captivated me with fascinating rhythm.By the way,I have a question about this music.
    There are some pattern of strumming guitar on your Fuerte sheet.But you explained only one kind of method precisely.So I have no idea how to practice another strumming way.Please,teach me another method also very slowly.
    Thank you so much for your kind tutorials.

  4. Nice tutorial John! But I’m having a little difficulty catching some of the notes and fingering toward the end from section D. Are there TABs available for this song?


  5. Love this song. Actually love all of your songs. You are probably a musical genius John, I hope you know that. The video and instruction was great and I look forward to studying your songs this way. Hope there will be others like this.
    Jim Allen
    St. Peters, Missouri

  6. Thank you very much John. Your tutorial is very clear, and I consider myself a biginner. I’m working on your Most Evolved…and I’m about 75% through it. Your finale is awesome.

    Thanks again
    Dwayne, Austin, TX

  7. Hello John,

    You are so talented! Thank you for the in-depth lesson for this piece! This video was very easy to watch, follow and understand in regard to what you are doing. Thanks for breaking it down into simple and slow motion for us. In addition, I love how you explained how you build the bar chords from other open chords that I am familiar with. It really helps understanding a lot! Keep up the good work and inspiration. Brian.

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