How to Improvise on Guitar

In this video I share some tips on how improvise on guitar.  Improvisation just means playing music in the moment and not from memory.  Use these tips to express yourself with the guitar.  Improvisation is a very creative and expressive way to play music.

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4 Replies to “How to Improvise on Guitar”

  1. You are amazing…I love playing spanish guitar songs,and this was really helpful…I really enjoy your playing.Its true that when you play the guitar,Its like a fairytale,like the guitar is speaking to you…

  2. I love this, improvising outdoors, beautiful music and really clear explanations of what you’re doing, I’ve learnt more watching this than I would if I’d spent hours practicing from a book. Thanks John.

  3. Thank you very much you help me with my solo and Improvisation thank your the Best! Guitar Player i Ever listen to .Befor i played guitar i want to YouTube to learn about guitar and Spanish song when i sew you video Cold “The Most Evolved” very Beautiful song I starting to play guitar :D and now i am Doing very well be couse of your lesson!!! Thank you very much Agin…. :)

  4. Wow, You are amazing John!! I am shaking my head, wanting to be able to do that, but… So as you were talking about picking notes closest to the chords, have you already thought about what you are going to play, or it is just coming out of you as you play? Wow. You said something about the effect you want, again something planned, or just what how you are feeling or in you!? THanks really beautiful. Helpful. I am going to go and try some of what you showed us. Thanks

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