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      1. Hi John,

        In fact, the tablature uses a different way to play some note compared to your video (then it is more difficult to learn with your video as model)

        For example, 96th to the 100th measure , this is very different (and harder).

        As same for the last measure.

        The 43rd, 47th and 49th is more complicated in the tab vs. in your video.

        And to finish, I think the last note of the 24th measure should be a 6 instead of 7 on the G string.

        Thank you John,

        1. Hi DamienMocaer,

          Thanks for going through and pointing out those differences. The sheet music is actually a transcription of the album version and should more accurately be reflected there. To explain the differences: improvisation a big part of my playing style and often I play things a little differently than what is written in certain improvised section of the music. I also encourage improvisation! Cheers! -John

  1. John this is such a fabulous arrangement. I love you’re interpretation and especially that you’ve remained true to you’re style playing it. As an amateur classical guitarist I am always inspired by you. Thank You for sharing this

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