Backing Tracks

Some of the included tracks are: My Way, Aurora Borealis, No Pretense, Pursuit of the Cygnus Thief, Every Breath You Take , Bach Prelude 1 , Friends, Bach Lute Prelude, A Walk to the Lake, Wish You Were Here, Carcassi Etude 7, The Most Evolved , Stand by Me, Fuerte, Tempestad, Revolution, Azul , Aguila Cosmica , Un Tren , To Live , No Pretense , Sentinel-Liberatad , Cello Suite Prelude , Signal Urchin Rostrum, Mosaic For Shadows, Jerusalem of Gold, He’s A Pirate, I Just Called to Say I Love You, Hotel California, Watermark…

These are the very same backing tracks from my personal set list. I use these tracks during almost every performance. I produced each one of the tracks myself. I hope you and enjoy and I hope using them will make you a better guitarist. These are all high quality wave files. I use a Jamman Looper to play these back because it accepts SD cards. I also rather use the Jamman than say an iPod like device, because I can queue a track, play a track, and stop the track with the tap of my foot.

Please note! When you download a file it will be called “phrase.wav.” If you want to remember what song it is you should immediately rename the file. The reason the files are all called phrase.wav is because that is how they are set up in the Jamman SD card. I wanted to get this page up and running as quickly as possible so I just uploaded the whole Jamman SD card folder, without renaming files. Also, note some of these tracks I are works in progress and I plan to update them at some point. If you find any glitches let me know. If you have any question or thoughts please let me know in the comment section below.

You must be a Full Access Subscriber to download tracks. The tracks are copyrighted. Please do not reproduce them or make copies with out my expressed permission. These are to be used for educational purposes only. If you would like to use them for students recitals that is great you have my permission as long as you give credit.

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