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  1. Hi John,
    I am not very good at improvisation and since your music is why I signed up on your website, could you give us the introduction to Cosmic, please?

  2. Hi Friends,

    Some of you have written to me to ask about the intro to Aguila Cosmica.

    The intro to this song is not included in the sheet music transcription.
    Here is the reason why: many of my song intro’s are improvised – i do them differently each time. So I don’t write them down.

    I encourage you to make up your own intros for Aguila Cosmica. Please check out my tutorial on this website and learn the c major scale. Once you know the scale well you can start making up your own melodies. The C major scale is the first scale I teach. It is also the one used in Aguila Cosmica. Good Luck! -John

    1. While I do appreciate improvisation, the intro you did in the video version of aguila cosmica on this page speaks to me. Since you have a video of your performance in this version, it would be greatly appreciated if you could create a tableture of this versions intro. I think many of your members would agree this version is the one they would like to learn and play and probably why they signed up for membership in the first place.

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