How do I purchase Sheet Music or Tabs?

Sheet Music and tabs are available in the Store.  But it’s actually a better deal to subscribe to full Membership because you will be able to download all the sheet music and then cancel the monthly subscription any time.

Why can’t I log in?

Your account is created with email address associated with your the payment method you used. When you log in, make sure you use the email address that you originally signed up with.

I Just signed up.  How do I log in?

You will get an email confirmation  with login details.  Make sure to add JohnClarkeGuitarLessons.com to your email contact.  Otherwise your confirmation email could get filtered to trash or spam.  If you don’t see the confirmation email after 1 hour, please check your spam or trash folder.

How do I cancel my subscription.

Recurring Payments / Subscription made with Paypal can be cancelled from within your Paypal account.  Contact the website admin if you need help. https://johnclarkeguitarlessons.com/contact

Recurring Payments / Subscription made with Credit Card / Stripe can be cancelled here

How do I update my credit card information.

If you need to update your credit card information because it is about to expire, or because you want your payment made with a different card , you can do so here at the secure Update CC Profile Pagehttps://johnclarkeguitarlessons.com/updateccprofile/

Credit Card numbers are not stored on this site.  Credit cards are processed by the Stripe Payment processor.

* If you do not update your credit card within 10 days of your card expiring you subscription will be cancelled.  You can renew your subscription here: https://goo.gl/g2dHTE

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